Valuable Seasoning Drying Equipment of High Quality

Ginger slice is a seasoning in high demand, ginger slices drying sterilizer is professional drying machinery and equipment for seasoning. Using the microwave drying equipment to dry ginger slices can further improve the drying speed and ginger slices quality.

Ginger Tablet Dryer and Sterilizer

Meanwhile, a ginger dry sterilization machine is suitable for all kinds of roasted nuts, such as roasting and puffing of walnut, chestnut, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds without shells, peanut, hazelnut, Chinese Torreya, nutlet.

Microwave spices drying and sterilization equipment can be used for rapid drying and disinfestation of garlic slice, ginger slice, chili powder, fresh chili, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, cinnamon, white peony root, star anise, cinnamon, Angelica dahurica (botany). Ginger slice drying sterilization equipment is a valuable, high-quality machine drying apparatus for seasoning drying.

Ginger Tablet Dryer and Sterilizer

Advantages of Ginger Tablet Dryer and Sterilizer:

  1. Fast heating. The traditional heating method is to make full use of the heat transfer coefficient of the material to transfer heat from outside to inside. At the same time, microwave acts on both inside and outside of the water-bearing material. Thereby, the heating is uniform and rapid, saving energy and processing time.
  2. The microwave wavelength is longer than that of radiation (infrared and far-infrared), which is usually used for heating. It can penetrate ginger slices conveniently and quickly. It can dry ginger slices swiftly and evenly, improve the quality of products, and ensure the production.
  3. Microwave treatment of substances can also sterilize and disinfect substances. By making full use of the non-thermal and biological effect of the microwave, the material can be quickly sterilized at relatively low temperatures, and the shelf life of the substance can be much prolonged.

Ginger Tablet Dryer and Sterilizer

Features of ginger slices Microwave drying sterilizer:

Under the microwave electromagnetic field’s direct action, the material is well-proportioned and heated and does not need heat conduction. Sanitary, high efficiency, the effect of puffing is better than the common process technology. At the same time, it has the effect of removing bacteria under the dual action of thermal effect and the non-thermal effect of microwave heating.

Compared with traditional technology, Ginger slices microwave drying sterilizer has a good production environment. There is no thermal inertia; the product is crisp and delicious, with mellow aroma, high expansion rate, natural color, less loss of nutrients. In the low season of roasted seeds and nuts, ginger slices microwave drying sterilizer in walnut kernel drying can also be used for food sterilization, baking, heating, puffing, maturation, and other technology, the machine is multi-use.


The late drying stage (deceleration drying) of ginger slice dryer can be combined with traditional steam, electric heating, infrared ray, and microwave drying to shorten drying cycle and save later operating costs; the use of internationally renowned brands to fully guarantee the performance of the whole unit and equipment, grain wheel compressor, ACLO expansion valve, etc.; multiple safety protection functions are set up: phase sequence protection, phase absence protection, overload protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, etc.

The outward appearance design is beautiful and generous, and the unit occupies a small area. According to the environmental conditions, the energy-saving system of fresh air exchange can be realized, and the operation cost can be greatly saved in autumn and winter.