Microwave Pasta Dryer:the healthy, delicious noodle is coming

China’s pastry snacks have a long history and a wide variety, among which the noodles are smooth and strong, easy to make, and very popular. Even small noodles can go a long way, there are hot and dry noodles in Wuhan, braised noodles in Inner Mongolia, and sliced noodles in Shanxi. Eating longevity noodles for your birthday and follow the trend of pasta.

In addition to high-quality ingredients, strict drying and sterilization are also the top priorities for a good bowl of noodles. The microwave pasta dryer plays a big role here.

microwave noodle dryer

Microwave drying technology is widely used:

Microwave drying equipment is mainly used in the chemical industry, food, agricultural and sideline products, wood, building materials, paper products, and other industries. It can also be used for food, agricultural, and sideline products sterilization. Pet food drying equipment, grain drying equipment, and other microwave drying equipment with sterilization functions are widely praised.

microwave noodle dryer

Significant advantages of microwave noodle dryer:

  1. Regardless of the shape of the noodles, the heat will permeate evenly and produce a puffing effect, making the noodles taste better.
  2. Under the microwave action, the drying rate of noodles tends to be consistent and even heating.
  3. Microwave drying equipment does not affect the color, aroma, taste, shape, and nutritional composition of the noodles, and it is not easy to be broken down.
  4. Microwave drying equipment and supporting facilities are few and small, saving the site and labor costs.
  5. Microwave drying equipment is easy to operate, can be continuous operation and controlled by PLC programming, easy to automate production, and enterprise management.
  6. The microwave drying process has a high energy utilization rate. The heat of the microwave is directly generated inside the wet noodle, with less heat loss and high thermal efficiency. Drying energy consumption is usually reduced by more than 50%.
  7. When the microwave drying equipment is in operation, there is no environmental or noise pollution, which greatly reduces the drying temperature, greatly improves the working environment and achieves safe and clean production.
  8. The drying speed of microwave drying equipment is usually several times higher than that of the traditional drying process, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.
  9. The microwave drying pasta machine has sterilization function, and the drying and sterilization are completed at the same time, saving the investment of sterilization equipment and processing time.

Operation principle of microwave drying pasta machine:

Microwave drying is a method of internal heating. After the microwave enters the pasta and is absorbed, its energy is converted to heat in the pasta medium. Microwave drying is a drying method using electromagnetic waves as a heating source and drying material itself as a heating element.

In the microwave high-frequency electric field, that oscillation cycle is very short, the water molecule within noodles occurs polarization, along the direction of the microwave electric field line up. And then quickly rotate along with the direction of the high frequency alternating electric field, and generate intense collision and friction (up to hundreds of millions of times per second), part of the microwave energy in the form of heat, make water temperature rise and leave the noodles, so that to get dry noodle.

microwave noodle dryer

Performance and parameters of noodle microwave dryer:

  1. The parameters of the noodle microwave dryer can be customized according to the needs of customers.
  2. The maximum operating temperature of the control belt of the microwave noodle dryer is 200 degrees celsius.
  3. When the pasta drying microwave equipment works, the microwave frequency is within the range of 2.45ghz 25MHz.
  4. Microwave dry noodle machine adopts touch screen control and display, with automatic and manual modes, users can choose freely.
  5. The pasta microwave dryer adopts an infrared, thermocouple thermometer and humidity meter to control the temperature and humidity accurately in the whole process.
  6. The microwave noodle dryer is equipped with special automatic cloth, material collection, and a dust removal system to liberate workers’ hands.
  7. The microwave leakage amount of the noodle microwave dryer is less than 2mw per square centimeter, so it is safe and secure.

Overview of traditional drying methods:

The traditional drying process, such as fire, air, steam, electric heating, are external heating drying. After noodles surface absorbing heat, the heat permeates the noodles internal through the heat conduction and heating drying. These processes need to elevate external temperature and increase the temperature gradient to improve the drying speed. It is very easy to produce the phenomenon of the outside coke and the inside not cooked. Besides, these methods either use huge equipment, or are expensive to dry, or are slow to dry, or have small capacities.

Therefore, all of these things come together, microwave drying noodle machine is a wise choice for noodle manufacturers.