Microwave Drying Sterilization Machine 915MHZ for Health Food

In order to ensure the long-term storage and disinfection of food, drying technology is more and more widely used and extensive. Modern drying technology has been developed gradually from the the 1950s, common drying methods such as natural drying,boiled drying,oven-drying, spray drying, freeze-drying and so on. With the development of social level supply, some new drying technology equipment has been slowly developed and studied, like microwave drying technology.

For drying technology, we should not only ensure the quality of the product in the drying process, but also the environmental protection property.In the modern state of promote environmental protection and energy saving, we also need equipment to achieve energy-saving,environmental protection and pollution-free.

Microwave Drying Sterilization Machine

What are the shortcomings of traditional drying methods?

1.Natural drying: All of it is external heating drying.Heat penetrate into the material inside after material surface absorbs heat through heat conduction, and then heat up and dry. Internal and external cannot be heated at the same time,which will cause the material heating uneven.

2.Spray drying: The feed quantity is too large,and cannot evaporate fully,drying chamber is not heated enough before spraying begins.When the machine start spray, the flow regulation of the material is too large, the instability of additional material fluid easy to cause serious adhesion wall phenomenon, so that the dry room are sticky wet powder everywhere.

3.The freeze-drying method: The product was dried at a temperature substantially below 0 ℃, in other word, performed under the state of frozen .In order to further reduce the residual moisture content of the product, the product was raised above 0 ℃ temperature, but generally not more than 40 ℃ at a later stage.

Freeze-drying is to freeze a substance containing a large amount of water into a solid by cooling in advance, and then sublimate the water vapor directly under the vacuum condition, substance remains in the frozen ice shelf.Therefore, the volume of freeze-drying remains unchanged, and porous pores need to absorb heat during sublimation.However, freeze drying plant covers an area of large, large amount of water, do not meet standards of environmentally friendly energy.

Traditional drying technology has more or less disadvantages and shortcomings. Microwave drying technology can theoretically meet all drying requirements. Its emergence solves many drying problems, such as small water drying, drying of viscous materials, drying of embryos and parts, filter cake drying, uniform drying, deep drying, rapid drying, energy-saving drying and a series of high-demand drying.

Because microwave has the ability to penetrate materials, microwave drying technology is different from heat conduction drying, which is an integral drying method. Its drying speed is very fast, product quality is good, continuous industrial production can be realized, the equipment occupies a small area, and has some characteristics such as high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. Now,it is constantly replacing the traditional drying technology.

Microwave Drying Sterilization Machine

There are many other types of products that can be dried by microwave, such as melons and fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, Chinese medicinal materials, animal and plant specimens, etc. The results show that microwave drying can retain the original nutrients in the material to the greatest extent.

For example, nutrients such as vitamins and chlorophyll in sun-dried cabbage can only retain 3%, shade-dried cabbage can retain 17%, hot-dried cabbage can retain 40%, FD vacuum freeze-drying can retain more than 70%, and microwave sublimation drying can retain 97%, so it is called invariant dehydration.

Microwave Drying Sterilization Machine

With the continuous promotion and innovation of microwave drying technology,many manufacturers in the market are competing to use the microwave drying equipment, which is to better improve their work efficiency.

Our microwave drying equipment in order to meet market demand and customer requirements, stand out from the microwave equipment produced by different manufacturers,no matter in the equipment or the whole component configuration,  chooses the international and domestic well-known brands of accessories to ensure the quality and safety of use from the company’s original point of view of improving safety, speed and environmental protection,.

The following data are some of the benefits obtained through market research:

Microwave Drying EquipmentPeer Microwave Drying Equipment
Microwave frequency 





Microwave Power20kw-200kw or above (continuous adjustable)35kW




Transmission speed


0.1 ~ 3m / min Frequency0.5~3m/min


Microwave leakage≤5mw/cm2(GB5959.6-87)




Dried amount0.5~1.0T/ h


0.5~1.5T/ h


Capacity per hour5-7 tons5-6 tons
Appearance Size of EquipmentLength × width × height 8000 × 5000 × 2300 (mm) (Custom)Length × width × height 8000 × 5000 × 2300 (mm)
Control modeTouch screen, PLC controlTouch screen, PLC control

Contrast with all aspects of peer equipment, we more clearly see the advantages of our microwave drying equipment, microwave drying machinery is health and no bacteria.It could meets all health standards and keep the taste of food and so on.

Microwave Drying Sterilization Machine

At present, foreign microwave drying technology has been applied in light industry, food industry, chemical industry, agriculture and agro-processing and other fields. Specific research and applications is in paper, ceramics, wood, food, asphalt, sewage treatment, surfactants, fragrances, mineral, pharmaceutical, concrete, paint.

We follow European standards, all for food processing safety and thorough cleaning of equipment. The company integrates first-class technical personnel and excellent sales team, complete processing facilities, strong technical strength, scientific management concept, perfect testing technology and excellent quality assurance system to ensure that  product quality and process requirements to users. And we make a thorough and perfect design and specific implementation scheme on the basis of joint application experiments with customers to achieve user recognition and consensus. It helps us to make first-class equipment.