Microwave Drying Equipment for Rose Tea

Rose-the symbol of love, everyone longs for romantic love, fantasy a beautiful romance, like roses quietly blooming, blooming beautiful buds. When leisurely, make a cup of rose tea, taste this faint fragrance, enjoy the romantic life!

Little rose, sweet love! After drying, this rose becomes fragrant and pleasant rose tea, have a taste, the taste of romantic love. How do roses dry? Rose tea microwave drying equipment made by a Leader microwave equipment company is the right choice.

Characteristics of microwave drying equipment for rose tea:

  1. The drying equipment can adjust the process according to the customer’s requirements and achieve a satisfactory effect.
  2. The drying period is short, the yield is large, the microwave drying function of the rose tea is automatically recycled multiple times, and the drying is uniform.
  3. Partitioned temperature control moist, color maintained well, petals do not fall off, rose tea microwave dryer high efficiency, drying effect.
  4. The microwave drying equipment of the scented tea has strong compatibility and ideal dehydration drying equipment for the beverage processing enterprises.
  5. In addition to drying the rose, the rose dryer can also be used to dry the products such as Flos Chrysanthemi, Flos Lonicerae, and Abelmoschus multi-purpose device for improving the product value.
  6. The rose microwave drying machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, labor-saving, labor-saving, sanitary, and environment-friendly in the drying process, automatic temperature control, mechanical drainage, and automatic spreading.

The microwave drying equipment of rose tea is a professional rose drying equipment designed according to the physical characteristics of fresh roses and drying needs. It can meet all kinds of drying requirements of roses and ensure that the finished products of rose tea are free of pollution. Roses can be controlled by people in the drying process, which can meet the needs of the beverage market and meet the requirements of the tea market. The equipment and technology can meet national food hygiene standards.

Working principle of microwave drying equipment for rose tea:

Microwave is obtained by direct current or 50Hz alternating current on electric vacuum devices or semiconductor devices, using the special motion of electrons in the magnetic field. This motion can be simply explained in this way: from the electrical structure, one molecule is called molecular induction dielectric, the other is called an active molecular dielectric. In general, they are arranged in a non-regular arrangement. If placed in an alternating electric field, the polar molecular orientation of these media also varies with the polarity of the electric field, which is called polarization. The stronger the applied electric field, the stronger the polarization, the faster the polarity of the applied electric field, the faster the polarization, and the more intense the friction between the thermal movement of the molecule and the adjacent molecules. In this process, the transformation of electromagnetic energy into thermal energy is completed. When the heated material is placed in the microwave field, the polar molecules of the material oscillate and rub back and forth with the microwave frequency at a high frequency of billions of times per second. Generating enough heat to make the material quickly to achieve the purpose of thermal drying.

Rose dried by microwave drying equipment has good color and mellow taste and does not lose nutrients. When the rose tea fragrance into the heart and spleen that moment, perhaps, you will feel the taste of love, choose rose tea microwave drying equipment, so that rose tea fragrance to take you into the palace of romantic love!