Lycium Barbarum Microwave Drying Equipment

Lycium Chinensis is a common food, many people like to use Lycium Chinensis to make tea, cook porridge, soup, and so on, which have a nourishing effect on the body. It also has high medicinal value, is a rare good food, has an important significance to human health, is a favorite fruit.

Lycium Chinensis

The Lycium Chinensis is rich in nutrition, but it is also a difficult-to-store product, often due to environmental conditions, such as the occurrence of a worm, a mold, a color change, and the like. In the storage, attention should be paid to the control of water content, temperature, oxygen content in the air, insect prevention, insect-killing, etc. The fruit of the Chinese Lycium Chinensis is dried, the time required for the sun is long, the energy consumption is consumed, or the limitation of natural weather is required, and the processing cost is improved. In this case, the leader microwave equipment company has developed a Lycium Chinensis microwave drying equipment, which is very good for solving the problems encountered in the drying process.

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for Lycium Chinensis:

  1. The drying speed is high, the efficiency is high, the temperature is low, and the Lycium Chinensis’ original components are not changed.
  2. The microwave drying equipment dries water from the inside out, which has an expansive effect on Lycium Chinensis.
  3. Energy-saving and environment-friendly. The Lycium Chinensis microwave drying equipment is directly applied to the Lycium Chinensis, the thermal effect and the biological effect are generated. The medlar itself generates heat, does not need the heat conduction, has no heat loss, and is more than 30 percent of the power saving compared with the drying and sterilization in other ways.
  4. Advanced technology, Lycium barbarum microwave dryer flexible and adjustable can monitor and adjust the cavity temperature at any time, material, working power from zero to rated power-adjustable, only 2 times 3 people to complete the production.
  5. Lycium barbarum microwave drying sterilization equipment can also be used for jujube, raisins, cassia, lotus seeds, pepper, Chinese yam, white fruit, party ginseng, barley, northern almonds and other agricultural and sideline products drying, sterilization, insecticidal treatment.
  6. Lycium barbarum microwave dryer also has the effect of disinfection and sterilization, power limit adjustable, intelligent control, environment, temperature controllable, the products produced are safe and hygienic, and the shelf life can be extended.

Microwave drying equipment of Lycium barbarum

The leader microwave equipment company has been engaged in the microwave industry for many years. The Chinese wolfberry microwave drying equipment, the pepper microwave drying equipment, the traditional Chinese medicine microwave drying equipment and the like have the characteristics of high drying speed, energy conservation, high efficiency, uniform heating, easy control, convenient installation, and maintenance, and can greatly improve the product quality and the like, and is advanced high-tech equipment.

Lycium Chinensis microwave drying equipment can also be used in drugs, biological products, agricultural and sideline products, heating, sterilization, ripening, a variety of pills, and granule materials drying effect is particularly excellent. It has become a significant food processing enterprise rush to buy products, loved and praised by customers, and has also been sold to various countries, with broad prospects for development!