Lithium Carbonate Microwave Drying Equipment

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Lithium carbonate microwave drying equipment food

Lithium carbonate has a high utilization value, which can be used to manufacture ceramics, drugs, catalysts, etc. It is a common raw material of Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium carbonate drying equipment provided by our Leader Microwave Equipment Company using advanced microwave technology to dry and process lithium carbonate, which can produce a lot of good lithium carbonate available to society.

Lithium carbonate microwave drying equipment pushed by Leader Microwave Equipment Company can dry lithium carbonate, which could help ease the energy crisis. Compared with the traditional drying process, it can save 30% to 50% energy. Therefore, it can not only protect the environment and reduce energy consumption but also create huge profits.

Lithium Carbonate Microwave Drying Equipment

Advantages of lithium carbonate microwave drying equipment:

1. Leader lithium carbonate microwave drying equipment sticks to the principle of improving efficiency and reducing cost based on energy-saving. First of all, the conversion rate of electrical energy to the microwave energy is high. The internal heating mode of microwave reduces the heat consumption of heat transfer, and the stainless steel body reflects rather than absorbs the microwave energy, reducing the heat consumption.

In short, lithium carbonate microwave drying equipment can save energy 30%-50%. This is quite an effective cost control and has made efforts to improve the overall environment.

2. Lithium carbonate microwave drying equipment uses a PLC control system, through the system, it can check the whole process at any time, automatic operation of the whole machine.

3. Lithium carbonate microwave drying equipment has created a good working environment. As mentioned above, the body does not absorb heat, which also improves the working environment of operators, effectively avoids burns, and is safe and comfortable.

4. Automatic lithium carbonate microwave drying equipment can be designed according to the special requirements of customers’ unique structure. No matter what kind of lithium carbonate microwave dryer you choose, we can ensure its safety and environmental protection, economic efficiency.

5. Microwave can make the material inside and outside heating and drying simultaneously, which shortens the drying process of lithium carbonate, avoiding the machine shut down due to overheating protection caused by continuous high temperature. It can work continuously for 24 hours, greatly improving work efficiency and further saving costs.

6. The design of the lithium carbonate microwave drying machine can completely realize the separation of workers from the machine, ensure the safety of workers, and avoid the mistakes of workers.

7. People can check every step of the drying process at any time, making the whole production line run smoothly.

8. The odorless drying process helps to protect workers’ health and improve their work efficiency.

9. The whole production process is conducted in a sealed environment, producing useful resources and no pollutants.

Lithium Carbonate Microwave Drying Equipment

Lithium carbonate microwave drying equipment uses the top microwave technology, works efficiently, the quality of the dried lithium carbonate is excellent, is Leader’s flagship product. At present, we have a variety of drying and sterilizing equipment for cat and dog food for sale. Customers can choose the machine according to their actual needs and budget.

Microwaveaccording to the needaccording to the needaccording to the need
frequencyto adjustto adjustto adjust
Output power48 KW80 KW120 KW
Transmission speed(adjustable)According to the need to adjustAccording to the need to adjustAccording to the need to adjust
Leakage value≤3mw/cubic meter≤3mw/cubic meter≤3mw/cubic meter
Drying efficiency120-150kg/h300-400kg/h500-600kg/h

Drying principle of lithium carbonate microwave drying equipment:

Microwave drying is a method of internal heating. The wet material is in the microwave high-frequency electromagnetic field with a short oscillation period, and the water molecules inside will be polarized and arranged in order along the direction of the microwave electromagnetic field.

Then it rapidly rotates in response to the direction of the high-frequency alternating electric field, causing intense collisions and friction up to billions of times per second. As a result, part of the microwave energy is converted into molecular motion energy.

In the form of heat, the temperature of water rises and leaves the material, and the material is dried. The same principle is applied to the chili ring dryer to dry our addictive, high-quality seasonings.

Lithium Carbonate Microwave Drying Equipment

Successful cases of Leader:

The Leader not only produces high-quality egg-tray machines at home but also can supply them to the world. Over the past few decades, the Leader has sold microwave lithium carbonate drying equipment to many countries around the world, including India, the Philippines, Hungary, Algeria, Egypt, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Dominica and so on. Many investors have benefited.

We provide free consulting services, free project planning, and design services according to customer requirements. Before leaving the factory, we will debug and check the whole equipment until everything is ok. If you are interested in our machines, please contact us immediately, we are always looking forward to hearing from you.