Jujube Drying Equipment

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Leader jujube drying equipment can complete jujube drying and sterilization for food manufacturers. It is green and efficient, so it becomes popular among investors. Besides, our jujube drying equipment is automated, which makes the entire production process simple and safe.

In recent years, our jujube drying equipment、honeysuckle drying equipment has been successfully installed in Turkey, Spain, Ukraine, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other countries. Please contact us for more details!

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To meet the different requirements of customers, the Leader designed a series of jujube drying equipment for sales. Also, jujube drying equipment is suitable for processing all kinds of materials, such as rice, flour, and other foods, medicines, medical raw materials, tea, etc.

12kw Jujube drying equipment
12kw Jujube drying equipment
30kw Jujube drying equipment
30kw Jujube drying equipment
50Kw Jujube drying equipment
50Kw Jujube drying equipment
Customized jujube drying equipment
Customized jujube drying equipment
ModelDL-12 KWDL-30KWDL-75KW
Microwave frequency2450/915MHz2450/915MHz2450/915MHz
Output power12 KW30 KW75 KW
Transmission speed(adjustable)0-5m /minute0-5m /minute0-5m /minute
Leakage value≤3mw/cubic meter≤3mw/cubic meter≤3mw/cubic meter
Drying capacity120-150kg/h300-400kg/h500-600kg /h

Advantages of Leader jujube drying equipment :

1. Valid

Our drying equipment is automatic. Obviously, it can save you labor investment and work more efficiently. Besides, it can work 24 hours a day without interruption. Continuous working saves you time to warm up and energy costs. Also, our jujube drying machine can be used to handle a wide range of materials, and its wide application also makes our dryer more cost-effective.

2. Durable

The machine body is made of precision casting alloy material to improve wear resistance.
Besides, the machine is easy to operate, easy to remove and replace small, fast wear parts, both economic and simple.

3. Safety

We use a PLC control system to monitor the operation process at any moment, which could ensure workers’ safety. Our machine will not produce any hazardous substance at run time, it ensures that the plant is ecologically friendly to the surrounding environment.

In addition, the whole jujube drying equipment works under the condition of complete sealing, and the leakage amount of microwave energy is far lower than the international safety standard. That is to say, the machine is safe for workers and the environment.

4. Custom design.

The Leader has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, exporting, and installing jujube drying equipment worldwide. Our team consists of many experienced engineers and technicians. Therefore, according to your budget, raw materials, local voltage, we can provide you with the most cost-effective jujube drying plan.

5. Complete service system

At present, the Leader microwave equipment company has formed a comprehensive service system from pre-sale consultation, installation to after-sales service. At the same time, we have set up eight overseas offices to serve our customers on time. Please contact us for more details!

6. A tractor serves several purposes

Our jujube processing equipment can dry not only a variety of materials but also have a strong sterilization function. Therefore, it is a typical design of a single machine with multiple purposes.

7. Long service life

Our jujube continuous drying equipment has introduced special materials and unique double-layer design to ensure the quality of the equipment so that jujube drying equipment has a larger space and longer service life.

Jujube Drying Equipment

Principle of microwave drying machine for jujube:

Microwaves directly act on jujube, generating heat energy inside. The penetration of microwaves allows them to be heated both inside and outside without heat transfer. The heating rate is extremely fast, and the drying time can be reduced hundreds of times for food materials with moisture content less than 30%.

Simultaneously, the temperature difference between inside and outside is small. The heating is uniform, not easy to take place the situation that scorched on the outside and uncooked on the inside of the traditional drying process, which improves drying quality.

Jujube Drying Equipment

Our jujube drying machine is committed to improving drying efficiency and quality under the premise of low carbon, environmental protection, and resource-saving. This idea and initiative will help solve environmental problems. In other words, investment in microwave jujube drying equipment can contribute to the improvement of our environment.

Of course, it is also a very profitable business opportunity. If you want to buy a jujube drying equipment, please contact us immediately!