Insulation board drying equipment

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Insulation board drying equipment

Insulation board has good moisture-proof performance, it can reduce the thickness of the building structure, increase the indoor use area.Insulation board is widely used in daily life, the market prospects are broad.If you invest in insulation board drying equipment, you will get a fat profit from it.

Insulation board drying equipment

Advantages of Leader insulation board drying equipment:

  • 1.PLC control system: we are equipped with high quality PLC control system for our insulation board drying equipment,operation is easy and reliable.
  • 2.Frequency converter: our insulation board drying device adopts high quality frequency converter to ensure stability and safety.
  • 3.Insulation board drying equipment has fast drying speed and high efficiency.The results show that the drying speed of microwave is 20-30 times faster than that of convection.Perlite insulation board using microwave drying can be completed in only 5-10 minutes.
  • 4.Insulation board drying equipment evenly drying materials,the insulation board will not crack and deform.Due to microwave simultaneously acts on the internal and external parts of the insulation board,heating uniformly, the insulation board treated by microwave, drying effect is uniform and thorough,the surface will not harden, toughness is increased, insulation board has a good color and high quality.
  • 5.Moth-proof and mildew-proof, long storage period.Microwave drying insulation board, which can penetrate the insulation board inside, quickly kill the eggs in the insulation board.
  • 6.Energy-efficient.Using far infrared ray and steam to dry the insulation board, the energy efficiency is less than 50%.And the energy efficiency of microwave drying can reach more than 75%, energy consumption can be reduced by more than 25%.
  • 7.Insulation board drying equipment has advanced technology, and high degree of automation.It can reduce labor cost, and avoid some human error, efficiency greatly improved.
Insulation board drying equipment

As a professional manufacturer of insulation board drying equipment, we offer you a variety of options.You can choose the right equipment according to the following specifications.

The daily capacity6T8T-10T15-20T
Picture presentationInsulation board drying equipmentInsulation board drying equipmentInsulation board drying equipment
Total power24KW/h30KW/h54KW/h
Floor space(L * W * H)30 * 10 *8m30 * 10 *8m40 * 10 *8m
Working procedureBatch, continuous
Cooling methodwater-cooling
Lifetime5-8 Year

Successful cases of microwave drying equipment for Leader insulation board:

The insulation board Microwave dryer of Leader Microwave Equipment Company has been exported to many countries, such as Philippines, UK, South Africa, Hungary, Indonesia, Turkey, dominica, Netherlands, Brazil.

Insulation board drying equipment

Microwave heating and drying technology:

When you want to put “insulation board drying” theory into practice, you may think of drying technology of insulation board drying equipment.In fact, insulation board drying has used advanced microwave heating technology.

So what is microwave heating?

Microwave directly acts on the insulation board, using high-frequency electromagnetic waves to make the internal of insulation board generate heat energy,which is microwave drying process.Water is a material that strongly absorbs microwaves, and the water molecules in the insulation board are polar molecules.

Under the action of microwave, its polarity orientation changes with the variation of external electromagnetic field.The 915MHz microwave can make the water molecules move 1.83 billion times per second, and the water molecules rub and collide sharply, resulting in thermalization and drying effect inside the insulation board.

Insulation board drying equipment

The cost of microwave drying machinery insulation board:

1.Machine material: high quality material may increase the cost of microwave drying production line of insulation board.At the same time, it can guarantee the quality and life of the machine.Of course, you should regularly maintain, check and clean the insulation board microwave dryer.

2.Site costs: you should purchase or rent land as your production base.Prices are different in different countries.

3.Labor costs: you should hire workers to operate the thermal panel microwave dryer.You can calculate the labor cost according to local conditions.

4.There are many factors that affect the cost of insulation board dryer.I just mentioned a couple of factors.If you want to know more, please contact us.Our professional sales staff and engineers will provide you with more detailed answers.

The highlight of Leader Microwave Equipment Company

1.Sound technical design standards

The research and development of Leader insulation board is carried out in strict accordance with national standards, industrial standards and enterprise standards.Therefore, we can ensure that the insulation board has compatibility, safety and reliability.You can get a guaranteed quality insulation board drying equipment from us.

2.Complete quality inspection system

Leader Microwave Equipment Company operates in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system.It conforms to relevant inspection standards and can guarantee the quality of insulation board.Customers can rest assured to buy our insulation board dryer.

3.One-stop service

We can provide you with project analysis, site selection, customization services, installation and after-sales service.If you have any questions, please contact us.

Insulation board drying equipment

If you would like to know more about the cost of insulation board microwave dryer, please contact us.We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Leader Microwave Equipment Company is the professional manufacturer of heat insulation board drying Equipment. We are looking forward to cooperating with customers all over the world.The demand for insulation boards will continue to increase.

We can work together to produce high quality insulation board.If you want to get high quality insulation board drying equipment or other equipment, such as chilli ring drying equipment , please contact us immediately!