Industrial Microwave Drying Equipment

In today’s society, microwave technology development has continued to progress, such as microwave equipment as frozen fruit microwave thawing equipment, brackish microwave sterilization equipment, wood microwave drying equipment, and other microwave equipments have gradually infiltrated into our life. Industrial microwave drying equipment is becoming more and more popular, and many processing enterprises need to use it when processing products.

Industrial microwave drying equipment

Industrial microwave dryer is a new type of drying equipment with high production efficiency and low operation cost. It is also an efficient and environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment and has the function of sterilization and preservation when dry. Industrial microwave drying equipment has been widely involved in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, building materials, and other industries, which has solved the disadvantages of traditional methods and has incomparable advantages over other equipment.

Advantages of industrial microwave drying equipment:

1. The drying time is short

Because of the penetration of microwave, the microwave drying equipment can heat the internal and external material at the same time, and there is no heat transfer medium, so the heating speed is very fast.

2. The process is advanced, and the operation is simple.

The main parts of industrial microwave drying equipment are 304 stainless steel, which meets the GMP standard of pharmaceutical equipment. The whole machine adopts modular design, which is easy to clean and operate easily.

3. Selective heating

Because the water molecules absorb the best microwave, the water content is high, and the absorption microwave power is more than that of the lower water content. This is the characteristic of selective heating, and the drying equipment can be uniformly heated and uniformly dried by using the characteristic drying equipment.

4. Energy-saving and high-efficiency

Microwave drying equipment acts directly on the material, so there is no additional heat loss, the air in the box and the corresponding container will not heat up. Hence, the thermal efficiency is very high, the production environment is obviously improved, compared with far infrared heating, it can save electricity by 30%.

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The working principle of industrial microwave drying equipment:

Microwaves are high-frequency waves that are transformed at 2.4 billion cycles per second, causing high-speed round-trip movement of water molecules. When an object absorbs microwave energy and converts it into heat, the temperature of the object rises, and the water content in the object is evaporated, dehydrated, and dried. If the rate of dehydration is appropriately controlled, the structure of the object can be loosened and expanded as the material dries. During this process, the increase in heating temperature can also be controlled to keep the object in a baked state.


schematic diagram

The industrial microwave drying machine is a new type of drying equipment. It can dry all kinds of materials, is suitable for heating, curing and drying raw materials and products in medicine, chemical industry, food, and agriculture sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, and so on. Especially for food with bactericidal and fresh-keeping functions, such as Chinese herbal medicine block, extract, powder, granule, dehydrated vegetables, and so on, it has a good drying effect.

traditional Chinese medicinal materials

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