Honeysuckle Drying Equipment

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If you want to dry honeysuckle in a green and profitable way, microwave honeysuckle drying equipment of leader microwave equipment company is your ideal choice. It uses the latest microwave technology to treat honeysuckle at low temperature under vacuum conditions.

As a professional and reliable manufacturer of microwave equipment, our factories have been installed in Jordan, Indonesia, Turkey, and many other countries.

The following reasons have contributed greatly to the widespread of our equipment.

Features of Leader microwave drying equipment for honeysuckle:

1. High output. Microwave act on the internal molecules of honeysuckle, friction between molecules generated heat to achieve drying effect. The heat transfer in the traditional heating process is avoided, and the internal and external heating at the same time. The efficiency was increased several times, and the output was greatly increased.

2. Energy generation: There is no heat transfer process, reducing the energy consumption of continuous heating on the surface of honeysuckle, stainless steel shell reflects microwave, also does not absorb heat and waste heat. So the efficiency of microwave drying energy is high, saving a lot of energy.

3. Security of operation. All parts are well-sealed, microwave energy leakage is far lower than the national safety standards, to avoid hazards in the production process, and to ensure workers and factories’ safety. Besides, the characteristics of low-temperature heating also protect workers from the danger of scald.

4. Environmental protection. Microwave drying of honeysuckle produced no contamination, sanitary and safe, environmental protection.

5. Longer service life. Stainless steel metal shell is strong and durable, low-temperature operation effectively protects all machine parts. Therefore, if you invest in honeysuckle drying equipment, you will save a lot of equipment maintenance and update costs.

6. Microwave drying equipment is highly automated, which can avoid many mistakes.

7. PLC control system can help operators easily control the work of the whole production line.

8. The structure of Microwave drying honeysuckle equipment is reasonable. According to the size of the site provided by the customer, we will make the best design and configuration. You can go into production as soon as the goods arrive, without worrying about the equipment’s layout.

Honeysuckle Drying Equipment

Honeysuckle dryer is profitable because you can do more with it:

  • 1.Drying, sterilization, and disinfection of food, drugs, and medical raw materials.
  • 2.Drying, insecticidal and anti-mold treatment of rice and flour.
  • 3.The extraction of aroma,water-removing of tea leaves.

Principle of microwave drying:

Microwave drying is a method of internal heating. The wet material is in the microwave high-frequency electromagnetic field with a brief oscillation period. The water molecules inside it will be polarized and arranged along the direction of the microwave electromagnetic field. Then it spins rapidly in response to changes in the direction of high-frequency alternating electric fields, causing violent collisions and friction (up to a billion times per second).

Finally, partial microwave energy is converted into molecular motion energy, expressed in the form of heat, making the temperature of water rise and leave the material. Then, the material is dried. Chinese medicinal materials drying equipment also uses this principle to produce high-potency drugs for us.

If you would like to know more details about honeysuckle drying machinery, please read the following table carefully:

The daily capacity6T8T-10T15-20T20-24T
Total power20KW/h30KW/h50KW/h80KW/h
Covered area30 * 10 *8m30 * 10 *8m40 * 10 *8m45 * 25 *10m
Working methodbatch,Completely continuous
Drying energyElectric energy
Cooling methodwater-cooling
Service life5-8 year

The main components of honeysuckle microwave drying equipment are magnetron, interlock micro switch, power distributor, timer, etc. The magnetron, which generates microwave energy and emits it, is the heart of microwave equipment. High pulsating dc anode voltage and 3V ~ 4V cathode voltage is required for magnetron operation, provided by the control work of industrial microwave power.

Honeysuckle Drying Equipment

If you are interested in purchasing our machines, please visit our factory. Our engineers will show you the workflow and test the final product for you. Or you can send us a message for more information about microwave drying equipment and lithium carbonate microwave drying equipment food for honeysuckle. We promise that we will provide you with the best quality products and services. You can contact us for a quotation.