Hebei customer visit

Mr. Gong, from Handan, Hebei province, is a large local grower of honeysuckle. He has cultivated over 40 mu of honeysuckle locally. There is still more than a month, it is the harvest season of honeysuckle because the harvest of honeysuckle is concentrated in one month, so the time of this month must be all honeysuckle drying. Otherwise, it cannot be stored.

In the past, the traditional drying method, such as hot air oven, has some disadvantages. For example, the drying temperature is not accurate enough, the drying of honeysuckle is not even enough, the water-removing is not easy to control, and the color is prone to browning. Therefore, Mr. Gong came to our factory to understand the microwave water-removing and drying equipment.

Microwave water-removing and drying equipment is a relatively advanced finishing and drying method. In recent years, due to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, microwave equipment has been widely used.

Microwave water-removing usually extracts 10 to 15 percent of the water during the process, to achieve a solid color effect. After finishing the finishing process, the drying process is carried out to extract other moisture, and finally, the honeysuckle dry material products are obtained.

Due to the relatively reasonable honeysuckle price this year, Mr. Gong wants a set of microwave equipment. After Mr. Gong has conducted a relevant investigation, the price of the same drying products can be increased by about 40% after microwave drying. The color and quality of the products are incomparable by other means.

Since the latest honeysuckle hasn’t come down, Mr. Gong asked us to do an experiment with other similar materials. Since we have accumulated a lot of relevant experience, we can control the temperature and time according to the characteristics of honeysuckle, and finally, show good results to Mr. Gong.

In the end, Mr. Gong intended to purchase a 30KW microwave drying and drying equipment. Due to the rapid harvest of honeysuckle, Mr. Gong’s construction period is relatively short, so we need to work overtime as soon as possible, and strive to deliver within 20 days.