Guangdong Fruit Tea Drying Experiment

Arhat fruit tea is a popular product in southern China,Boss Mr. Lin from Guangdong is committed to producing this product.

Like orange tea, the product is made by taking out preserved Mohan fruit and only keeping the shell. Then puer tea leaves are put into the product and dried through the drying process and then packaged at the back end.

The problem with the previous traditional drying method is that the dried monk fruit discolors do not look good. Besides, the volume of the dried tea is reduced, so it doesn’t look as plump as the original product.

Guangdong Fruit Tea Drying Experiment Guangdong Fruit Tea Drying Experiment

We tested the materials sent by boss Lin, and found through repeated tests:

The point of the drying process is to slowly dehydrate at a low temperature. In this way, the moisture content of primary colors can be kept below 10% as far as possible. At the same time, we tested the vacuum equipment in the workshop and found that the vacuum equipment effect is better after dehydration.

However, considering that the cost of vacuum equipment is too high, and the output is not large, we still study the drying process of traditional box microwave equipment. Experimental results show that:

  1. When dried and dehydrated above 80 degrees, the fruit quickly changes color and develops a burnt taste.
  2. If you dry the tea at 70 degrees, it will be better, but the monkhood fruit will be slightly darker, which is not ideal.
  3. If dried at a low temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, the fruit retains its original color, and the tea leaves do not develop tightness is also good. Only the drying time may be slightly longer.

After communicating with the customer, the customer also thinks that the last plan’s product effect is the best. The customer considers to buy a small box type as the experimental machine first, and then large equipment after the later production.