Drying and Sterilizing Equipment for Cat and Dog Food

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More and more people want to develop a business plan to dry cat and dog food products with microwave equipment. It may sound simple, but in fact, we need to buy the right equipment. Using advanced Microwave technology, the drying and sterilizing machine for cat and dog food produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company can dry cat and dog food quickly and with high quality, which could effectively increase profits.

Drying and Sterilizing Equipment for Cat and Dog Food

Advantages of Leader cat and dog food drying and sterilization equipment:

1. Safety in use. Cat food and dog food drying and sterilization machinery adopt high-quality stainless steel material, strict sealing technology, and equipped with a safety valve and automatic alarm system, to ensure 100% safety. The equipment is certified by CE, SGS, and ISO.

2. Excellent quality. The internal heating characteristics of microwave ensure even drying of pet food, and the rapid drying process avoids high-temperature damage to nutrients and original flavor.

3. Efficient production. Microwave can dry cat food and dog food at the same time. The high speed is conducive to the expansion of the production scale.

4. Environmental protection and energy conservation. The cat and dog food drying equipment consumes electricity for operation and is easy to clean. There is no need to preheat, which is out of the box. There is no heat transfer during the heating process, which will not heat up the air and the body. It is safe and energy-saving.

Besides, no harmful substances will be produced in the process of drying and sterilizing cat and dog food, resulting in zero pollution to the surrounding environment and ensuring compliance with EU environmental emission standards.

5. Save costs.PLC’s automatic control system saves manpower and improves the working environment.

The structure of pet food drying and sterilization equipment is compact, saving the cost of the site. The microwave sterilization function saves the cost of sterilization equipment.

Drying and Sterilizing Equipment for Cat and Dog Food

Principles of microwave heating and drying:

Pet food drying equipment uses the principle of microwave heating so that the material inside and outside heat together has a quick drying speed.

Water molecules are active polar molecules, moving at high frequency and high speed under the action of high-frequency magnetic field wave, a large number of water molecules rub each other to generate heat, reaching the required temperature in a very short time. So that pet food such as cat food, dog food, or fish feed can achieve drying and sterilization effect.

Products produced by Leaders, especially cat and dog food drying and sterilization equipment, purple potato drying, and sterilization machines, have been exported to many countries, such as Australia, Hungary, Indonesia, Jordan, South Korea, Brazil, Ukraine and so on. For decades, our factories have been highly appreciated by foreign governments and customers.

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Specifications and parameters of the equipment for drying and sterilizing cat and dog food:

PictureDrying and Sterilizing Equipment for Cat and Dog FoodDrying and Sterilizing Equipment for Cat and Dog FoodDrying and Sterilizing Equipment for Cat and Dog Food
Daily capacity:6T8T-10T15-20T
Total power24KW/h30KW/h54KW/h
Floor space30 * 10 *8m30 * 10 *8m40 * 10 *8m
Operating pressureOrdinary pressure
Heating meanselectricity
working methodcompletely continuous
Cooling Methodwater-cooling
Lifetime5-8 year

Our Services:

  • 1.Related project technology and cost consultation.
  • 2.Related product testing and certification.
  • 3.Product upgrade, parts, wearing parts supply.
  • 4.Team training, project agent operation

Besides, the Leader’s professional sales consultants and engineers will help them find the most suitable solution and make project plans and business plans for them. The Leader will also provide you with the best after-sales service.

We guarantee the quality of each equipment we sell. Our professional sales experts and engineers will be ready to provide technical support in case of any problems when you use the machine for drying and sterilizing cat and dog food.

We are not limited to, making and selling machines. The Leader continuously provides high-quality machinery and equipment, such as our cat and dog food drying and jujube drying equipment. We will continue to design and manufacture more high-tech machines and serve the world. You are welcome to contact us.