Chilli Ring Drying Equipment

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Chili ring drying equipment

Chili ring drying equipment is dedicated to the efficient production of high-quality chili ring so that investors can get more benefits and social recognition while reducing costs. Leader Microwave Equipment Company is a professional international Microwave Equipment manufacturer. We are committed to providing diversified microwave machinery production lines to maximize customer return on investment.

In recent years, our products have been successfully exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Russia, and Nigeria. Based on the belief that what we do is not only a product, we are highly praised by colleagues, dealers, and customers. You will surely like cooperation with the Leader Microwave Equipment Company.

Chilli Ring Drying Equipment

Characteristics of Leader chili ring drying equipment:

1.High-quality equipment

We developed the advanced pepper ring drying machinery based on the spirit of innovation and the elite team. Besides, all our equipment is rigorously tested, controlled, and certified. Therefore, our products are popular all over the world.

2.Professional design

In addition to the existing production line, the parameters can be adjusted as needed.
With professional designers and engineers, we always provide customers with the best solution according to their actual situation.

3.Different sizes

As a qualified supplier of chili ring drying equipment, we constantly improve the product specifications. So far, we have developed various types of chili ring drying equipment with various functions for various customers.

4.Various terminal products

With advanced technology and innovative design, our products have successfully served a wide range of industries. Existing products include insulation board drying equipment, jujube drying equipment, and so on. Also, you can get all our products at the best price of the chili ring drying equipment.

5.Flexible solution

In terms of the degree of automation, the Leader provides automatic chili ring drying equipment of different specifications at reasonable prices.

6.Full service

We don’t just make products. The whole pepper drying production line is guaranteed for 12 months. Working with us, you can get professional advice and scientific training. All our engineers are at your service at any time.

Chilli Ring Drying Equipment

Principle of microwave heating and drying:

Chili ring microwave drying equipment using the principle of microwave heating, the chili ring can heat and dry both inside and outside quickly.

Water molecules are lively polar molecules, high-frequency and high-speed movement under high-frequency magnetic field waves. A large number of water molecules rubbing each other to generate heat in a very short time to reach the required temperature. So that the material to achieve the effect of drying and sterilization.

Chilli Ring Drying Equipment

Our company can produce a chili ring dryer with various designs and specifications. For different specifications, we have the following types.

12KW Microwave chilli ring drying equipment
12KW Microwave chili ring drying equipment
30KW Microwave chilli ring drying equipment
30KW Microwave chili ring drying equipment
75KW Microwave chilli ring drying equipment
75KW Microwave chili ring drying equipment
Customized microwave pepper ring drying equipment
Customized microwave chili ring drying equipment

Technical parameters of the above models:

ModelDL-12 KWDL-30KWDL-75KW
Microwave frequency2450/915MHz2450/915MHz2450/915MHz
Output power12 KW30 KW75 KW
Transmission speed(adjustable)0-5m /min0-5m /min0-5m /min
Leakage value≤3mw/m³≤3mw/m³≤3mw/m³
Drying efficiency120-150kg/h300-400kg/h500-600kg /h

Why choose the Leader chili drying production line?

1. Low investment cost

The production line consumes fewer workers and less energy. The conversion rate of energy from electricity to microwave is high, and the internal and external heating is uniform at the same time, avoiding heat transfer consumption. In contrast, microwave heating and drying will not heat the air and the body and reducing a lot of losses. Microwave production requires only one or two workers.

We always use the most advanced equipment and simplify the production line to further reduce the investment cost.

2. High productivity and wide market.

Our microwave chili ring drying equipment adopts advanced microwave technology, which can heat both inside and outside the chili ring in a short time, greatly improving the production efficiency. And the yield is dozens of times that of the traditional drying process at the same time, and the quality is better.

With the development of the economy and the improvement of environmental protection awareness, microwave technology is widely used in various fields. There is no doubt that high returns can be achieved quickly.

3. It is easy to operate and maintain.

The production line is highly automated and integrated. The equipment used in production is very simple. Most of the work is done by machines rather than workers throughout the production process. Besides, customers can obtain professional guidance remotely or on-site at any time.

4. Ecological environment protection

Chilli ring drying equipment is pollution-free. Electricity provides the energy he needs to operate, clean, and safe. On the other hand, it will not produce harmful substances such as smoke and wastewater during the drying process. So the project is easily supported by the public and the government.

Chilli Ring Drying Equipment

How to choose the right chili ring drying equipment?

1. At first, analyze your basic situation.

Before investing, you need to analyze local conditions, including labor costs, location, etc. Our Leader will provide you with the most suitable solution according to your resources. Our company’s goal is to maximize customer returns.

2. Choosing Leader

You should choose chili ring drying equipment from the stability of the control system, eligibility rate of chili ring, safety, operability, and maintainability. Our Leader will provide you with high-quality chili ring drying equipment at a reasonable price.