Characteristics of Microwave Drying Equipment for Chrysanthemum

Small chrysanthemum, great effect, often drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea on our body will have magical effect. Chrysanthemum tea is a kind of herbal tea with chrysanthemum as raw material. It has sweet and bitter taste, cold resistance, and functions of dispelling wind and expelling heat, clearing liver and brightening eyes, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory. It is very popular. Chrysanthemum tea is made by picking, drying, drying sun, steaming and baking.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum drying is an important link in the production and processing of chrysanthemum tea. Chrysanthemum drying equipment is closely related to the quality and efficacy of chrysanthemum tea. Most of the traditional drying methods are hot air drying. The drying time is long, the operation is complicated, the efficiency is low, and it has bad effect on chrysanthemum. However, the chrysanthemum microwave drying equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company has higher indexes of drying chrysanthemum than that of other drying methods, which has a very efficient drying effect.

Advantages of chrysanthemum microwave drying equipment:

  1. Internal heating method is adopted to generate heat without any heat conduction process. The product is dried quickly and efficiently.
  2. Heating drying time is short, and easy to control, the use of chrysanthemum microwave dryerwithout preheating, ready to use.
  3. Chrysanthemum heating drying uniformity is good, chrysanthemum microwave drying equipmenthas the characteristics of selective heating, no thermal inertia.
  4. Advanced technology, microwave drying equipmenthas many functions, and microwave penetration ability is strong, which can make chrysanthemum inside and outside heated at the same time.
  5. Microwave does not heat air, is not conductive heating, has no heat radiation loss, and is more energy saving than steam heating and far-infrared heating.
  6. Microwave has thermal effect and biological effect, chrysanthemum microwave drying sterilization machinein the chrysanthemum heating at the same time, also has the effect of sterilization and mildew prevention.
  7. New microwave technology is adopted for fast drying. Themicrowave drying machine of chrysanthemum uses microwave for fast drying and dehydration inside and outside of chrysanthemum, and then uses hot air circulation to assist the surface drying of chrysanthemum. The combination of the two can give full play to the drying speed.

Chrysanthemum microwave sterilization equipment

Working principle of microwave drying equipment for chrysanthemum:

Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave with very short wavelength. It is obtained by applying direct current or 50Hz alternating current of the electric vacuum device or semiconductor device and using electrons to make special movement in magnetic field. From the point of view of electrical structure, one kind of molecule is called nonpolar molecular dielectric, and the other kind is called polar molecular dielectric. In general, they are arranged irregularly. In addition, the stronger the electric field is, the stronger the polarization will be, and the more intense the thermal movement of molecules and the friction between neighboring molecules will be. In this process, the conversion of electromagnetic energy to thermal energy is completed. When the heated material is placed in the microwave field, its polar molecules oscillate and rub back and forth with the microwave frequency at the high frequency of billions of times per second, generating enough heat to enable the material to heat dry in a very short time.

schematic diagram

Technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for chrysanthemum:

Product modelInput powerMicrowave output powerMicrowave  frequencyNominal input apparent power
DL-390380V±10% 50Hz±1%45kW(Adjustable)2450MHz±50Hz≤70kVA
Height of inlet and outletTransmission band widthTransmission rateWorking  environmentDimensions


500mm0.1~5m/min0~40℃、Relative humidity ≤80%15000×1200×1500mm

A cup of chrysanthemum tea every day, fresh and refreshing good health! Chrysanthemum microwave drying equipment, rose microwave drying equipment, green tea microwave drying equipment can produce good scented tea, their development in the microwave industry is getting better and better. With the continuous progress of technology, they have been constantly improved, I believe that in the future, microwave drying equipment will develop better!