Hebei customer visit

Mr. Gong, from handan, hebei province, is a local large grower of honeysuckle. He has cultivated over 40 mu of honeysuckle locally.There is still more than a month, it is the harvest season of honeysuckle, because the harvest of honeysuckle is concentrated in one month, so the time of this month must be all honeysuckle drying, otherwise it cannot be stored. In the past, the traditional drying method, such as hot air oven, has some disadvantages. For example, the drying temperature is not accurate enough, the drying of honeysuckle is not even enough, the water-removing is not easy to control, and … Read more

Guangdong Fruit Tea Drying Experiment

Arhat fruit tea is a popular product in southern China,Boss Mr. Lin from Guangdong is committed to producing this product. Similar to orange tea, the product is made by taking out preserved mohan fruit and only keeping the shell. Then puer tea leaves are put into the product and dried through drying process, and then packaged at the back end. The problem with the traditional drying method in the early stage is that the monkshum fruit changes color and looks bad after drying. In addition, the volume of the tea leaves decreases after drying, so it looks not as plump as the original product. … Read more

Philippine fruit slice grinder

Mr. Charles from the Philippines came to us through the website and asked for details about our wet mill/grinder/gel mill/peanut butter mill. Mr Charles wants to use a wet mill to pulp fruit peels, such as banana and mango, to reuse the waste.We sent Mr. Charles video of our machine working and detailed information of the machine, and the customer was very satisfied with our machine!Small size, compact structure, small transportation costs, is the first choice of small and medium-sized investors! Wet mill/grinder/colloidal mill/peanut butter mill has a wide range of uses: It is mainly used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical … Read more

Lotus leaf tea microwave drying equipment

Water-removing of lotus leaf refers to the heating up of lotus leaf by water molecule shock under microwave, which destroys and passivates the oxidase activity in fresh leaves and inhibits the enzymatic oxidation of tea polyphenols in fresh leaves.Through this process, tea leaves do not change color during drying.At the same time can remove a green flavor of fresh leaves, forming a better aroma. The important process of lotus leaf tea processing is fixation.The purpose of green killing is to use high temperature to destroy the activity of polyphenol oxidase, inhibit its oxidation red and Browning, and fix the green quality of … Read more