Honeysuckle Drying Equipment

Introduce Advantage Parameter Video PDF Download PDF If you want to dry honeysuckle in a green and profitable way,microwave honeysuckle drying equipment of leader microwave equipment company is your ideal choice.It uses the latest microwave technology to treat honeysuckle at low temperature under vacuum conditions. As a professional and reliable manufacturer of microwave equipment, our factories have been installed in Jordan, Indonesia, Turkey and many other countries. Customer visit from Thailand/Algerian customer visit The following reasons have contributed greatly to the wide spread of our equipment. Features of Leader microwave drying equipment for honeysuckle: 1.High output. Microwave act on the … Read more

Jujube Drying Equipment

Introduce Model Parameter Advantage Video PDF Download PDF Leader jujube drying equipment can complete jujube drying and sterilization for food manufacturers.It is green and efficient, so it becomes popular among investors.In addition, our jujube drying equipment is automated, which makes the entire production process simple and safe. In recent years, our jujube drying equipment、honeysuckle drying equipment has been successfully installed in Turkey, Spain, Ukraine, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries.Please contact us for more details! Canadian customer visit/Japanese customer visit In order to meet different requirements of customers, Leader designed a series of jujube drying equipment for sales.In addition, … Read more