Microwave Drying Sterilization Machine 915MHZ for Health Food

Drying technology is more widely used and extensive to ensure the long-term storage and disinfection of food. Modern drying technology has been developed gradually from the 1950s, common drying methods such as natural drying, boiled drying,oven-drying, spray drying, freeze-drying, etc. With the development of social level supply, some new drying technology equipment has been slowly developed and studied, like microwave drying technology. For drying technology, we should ensure the quality of the product in the drying process and the environmental protection property. In the modern state of promoting environmental protection and energy saving, we also need equipment to achieve energy-saving, … Read more

Research on drying technology of red koji rice

Red koji is traditional Chinese medicine. As a traditional and unique import and export product, red koji pigment has been used for thousands of years in China. Recent studies have found that in addition to being used as a food colorant, red koji pigment also possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, bacteriostatic, cholesterol-lowering, anti-mutation, anti-tumor, and other biological activities. It can also be used to make solar cells and bio-printing and dyeing, etc., which has a very broad application prospect. However, the current processing technology of red koji is rough. There are many impurities and fungi, so it cannot be applied to the … Read more