Industrial Microwave Drying Equipment

In today’s society, the development of microwave technology has continued to progress, such microwave equipment as frozen fruit microwave thawing equipment, brackish microwave sterilization equipment, wood microwave drying equipment and other microwave equipment have gradually infiltrated into our life. Industrial microwave drying equipment is also becoming more and more popular, and many processing enterprises need to use it when processing products. Industrial microwave drying equipment Industrial microwave dryer is a new type of drying equipment with high production efficiency and low operation cost. It is also an efficient and environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment, and has the function of sterilization and … Read more

Microwave Drying Equipment For Chinese Yam

As the saying goes, medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement, so many people will have a lot of requirements in diet. Yam is a kind of food rich in nutritional elements, and many people also like to eat yam. In the production process of yam, some manufacturers will dry yam. At this time, the equipment used is the microwave drying equipment of yam produced by leader microwave equipment Company. Dry yam The advantages of microwave drying equipment of yam: 1.Low energy consumption The Chinese yam microwave drying machine only consumes a small amount of electric energy in … Read more

Characteristics of Microwave Drying Equipment for Chrysanthemum

Small chrysanthemum, great effect, often drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea on our body will have magical effect. Chrysanthemum tea is a kind of herbal tea with chrysanthemum as raw material. It has sweet and bitter taste, cold resistance, and functions of dispelling wind and expelling heat, clearing liver and brightening eyes, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory. It is very popular. Chrysanthemum tea is made by picking, drying, drying sun, steaming and baking. Chrysanthemum Tea Chrysanthemum drying is an important link in the production and processing of chrysanthemum tea. Chrysanthemum drying equipment is closely related to the quality and efficacy of chrysanthemum tea. Most of the traditional drying methods … Read more

Application of Microwave Drying Equipment for Chili

In daily life, many people are not appetizing without chili, with chili can eat a lot of meals. And often eat chili also has a lot of benefits, such as warming spleen and stomach for dispelling cold, help digestion and so on. A lot of dishes become extremely delicious after adding chilies. A lot of people use dried chilies when they’re cooking because chili get hotter when they’re out of water. So how do companys make dried chilies? This involves the chili microwave drying equipment of Leader Microwave Equipment company. dried chilli Advantages of microwave drying equipment for chili: 1.No thermal energy is lost Chili microwave drying machine in the drying process, is … Read more

Beef Jerky Microwave Drying Equipment

Beef has high protein content, low fat content, delicious taste, that is known as the “meat in the pride”.While beef jerky not only retains the nutrition and taste of beef, but also is convenient to preserve and carry, which makes it more popular. The production of beef jerky , first you must choose the best raw materials, followed by strict production process and time, each process must be closely controlled, beef jerky microwave drying equipment greatly simplifies the process. Advantages of beef jerky microwave drying equipment: The quality of the product that beef jerky microwave dryer produced  is excellent.Microwave can penetrate into the beef jerky, … Read more

Microwave Pasta Dryer:the healthy, delicious noodle is coming

China’s pastry snacks have a long history and a wide variety, among which the noodles are smooth and strong, easy to make and very popular. Even small noodles can go a long way,there are hot and dry noodles in Wuhan, braised noodles in Inner Mongolia, and sliced noodles in Shanxi.Eating longevity noodles for your birthday and follow the trend of pasta. In addition to high quality ingredients, strict drying and sterilization process is also the top priority for a good bowl of noodles.The microwave pasta dryer plays a big role here. Microwave drying technology is widely used: Microwave drying equipment … Read more

Valuable Seasoning Drying Equipment of High Quality

Ginger slice is a seasoning in great demand,ginger slices drying sterilizer is a professional drying  machinery and equipment for seasoning. Using the microwave drying equipment to dry ginger slices, can further improve the drying speed and the quality of ginger slices. Meanwhile, ginger dry sterilization machine is suitable for all kinds of roasted nuts, such as roasting and puffing of walnut, chestnut, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds without shells, peanut, hazelnut,Chinese torreya, nutlet. Microwave spices drying and sterilization equipment can be used for rapid drying and disinfestation of garlic slice, ginger slice, chili powder,fresh chili, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, cinnamon, white peony root, star anise, cinnamon, angelica dahurica. Ginger slice drying sterilization … Read more

Seasoning Microwave Drying Equipment

People’s diet is to obtain various kinds of rich nutrients through food raw materials, eating can provide heat, regulate functions and promote development. However, no matter what kind of food needs to be fragrant and mellow, in order to suit people’s appetite and stimulate people’s appetite. To meet the requirements of color, fragrance and flavor, it is not enough to rely solely on the fine raw materials and appropriate temperature, but also need to add various seasonings. Seasonings mainly refer to vanilla and spices. Vanilla is the leaf of all kinds of plants, mostly air-dried or grated. Both air drying … Read more

Microwave Drying Sterilization Machine 915MHZ for Health Food

In order to ensure the long-term storage and disinfection of food, drying technology is more and more widely used and extensive. Modern drying technology has been developed gradually from the the 1950s, common drying methods such as natural drying,boiled drying,oven-drying, spray drying, freeze-drying and so on. With the development of social level supply, some new drying technology equipment has been slowly developed and studied, like microwave drying technology. For drying technology, we should not only ensure the quality of the product in the drying process, but also the environmental protection property.In the modern state of promote environmental protection and energy … Read more

Research on drying technology of red koji rice

Red koji, a traditional Chinese medicine. As a traditional and unique import and export product, red kojic pigment has been used for thousands of years in China. Recent studies have found that in addition to being used as a food colorant, monascus pigment also possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, bacteriostatic, cholesterol-lowering, anti-mutation, anti-tumor and other biological activities, and can also be used to make solar cells and bio-printing and dyeing, etc, which has a very broad application prospect. However, the current processing technology of red koji is rough, and there are many impurities and fungi, so it cannot be applied to the … Read more