Beef Jerky Microwave Drying Equipment

Beef has high protein content, low fat content, delicious taste, that is known as the “meat in the pride”.While beef jerky not only retains the nutrition and taste of beef, but also is convenient to preserve and carry, which makes it more popular.

The production of beef jerky , first you must choose the best raw materials, followed by strict production process and time, each process must be closely controlled, beef jerky microwave drying equipment greatly simplifies the process.

beef jerky microwave drying equipment

Advantages of beef jerky microwave drying equipment:

  1. The quality of the product that beef jerky microwave dryer produced  is excellent.Microwave can penetrate into the beef jerky, heating inside and outside simultaneously, dry evenly.Low temperature and fast speed can keep the original color, flavor and taste of the food without damaging the nutrition.At the same time, it has bulking effect, beef jerky taste better.
  2. Microwave drying machine for beef jerky can save energy.Only beef jerky absorbs microwave energy, heat loss is small.
  3. Microwave beef jerky drying equipment can work continuously.Out of the box, no thermal inertia, effectively improve production.
  4. Microwave beef jerky drying machine improves working conditions.There is no thermal radiation, and the microwave leakage meets the national standard.
  5. Microwave beef jerking dryer has the function of sterilization.Microwave heating effect, biological effect has bactericidal effect.Each microwave equipment is microwave sterilization equipment.
  6. Beef jerky microwave drying equipment can reduce the cost.Compact structure, small floor area, could reduce site cost.Simple operation, PLC automatic control, could save manpower cost.

beef jerky microwave drying equipment

Main components of beef jerky microwave drying equipment:

1.Automatic temperature control system

2.Microwave density automatic control system

3.Automatic deviation correction system

4.Automatic alarm system

5.Variable frequency speed control system

6.Material control system

7.Data switching programming system


Application of microwave drying equipment for beef jerky:

It can be used for drying and sterilizing fish, dried pork, chicken breast, shredded squid, braised chicken, roast duck, sauce products, shrimp chips, etc. It can also be used for curing and sterilizing cakes, roasted melon seeds, cereals, bean flour processing and other food industries.

beef jerky microwave drying equipment

Working principle of beef jerky microwave drying equipment:

Similar to the pet food microwave drying equipment,the principle of  beef  jerky  microwave drying equipment is similar to the pet food,microwave drying equipment is that,the rapidly changing high-frequency electromagnetic field acts on the water molecules in the beef jerky, and the polarity changes of the water molecules resulting in the phenomenon of spin motion.

At this time, the field energy of the microwave field is transformed into the heat energy in the medium, and the beef jerky temperature increases, resulting in a series of physical and chemical processes, such as thermalization, so as to achieve the purpose of microwave heating and drying.


Main technical indexes of beef jerky microwave drying equipment:

Microwave Power30 kilowatt
Power ConsumptionLess than 45 kilowatts


Transmission Speed 

0.5-5 M/min

Output in one shiftEach shift produces 400 kilograms of beef jerky
Energy Consumption 

0.6-0.8 Yuan/kg


Development of beef drying technology:

At first, the sun drying, kang baking method.Quality of beef jerky is inferior, sanitation condition is poor.

beef jerky microwave drying equipment

Later, drying beef jerky in a steam or electric oven usually.Sanitary conditions were improved,reducing dust and bacterial contamination.But there are still three big problems:

1.Long drying time.After soaking beef jerky, it takes a long time to reach the requirement of 10-12% of the finished product moisture, which limits the production increase.

2.Large energy consumption, high cost, low economic efficiency, waste of energy.

3.Sterilization is not complete, health indicators can not meet the requirements.

Traditional heating provides heat energy to materials through conduction. The surface of beef jerky is first dried and then hardened to form a shell. The external heat is difficult to get in and the internal moisture is difficult to get out.Therefore, slow drying speed, low efficiency, long cycle, temperature is not easy to control, directly affect the drying rate and quality of materials.

beef jerky microwave drying equipment

Microwave vacuum drying use microwave energy to heat beef jerky in vacuum state.In the microwave field, beef jerky absorbs microwave energy and generates heat as a whole.Heat evenly distributed, high utilization rate, water quickly discharged.At the same time, the transfer of microwave energy in the vacuum state will not be affected, there is no loss of energy.The whole drying process is characterized by low temperature, fast speed and high quality.

The microwave drying equipment of beef jerk has higher controllability, energy saving 80%, the rate of recovery is almost 100%, like other microwave equipment such as microwave puffing equipment.It can greatly improve the economic benefits of enterprises, is a modern drying technology which has broad prospect.