Application of Microwave Drying Equipment for Chili

In daily life, many people are not appetizing without chili, with chili can eat a lot of meals. And often eat chili also has a lot of benefits, such as warming spleen and stomach for dispelling cold, help digestion and so on. A lot of dishes become extremely delicious after adding chilies. A lot of people use dried chilies when they’re cooking because chili get hotter when they’re out of water. So how do companys make dried chilies? This involves the chili microwave drying equipment of Leader Microwave Equipment company.

dried chilli

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for chili:

1.No thermal energy is lost

Chili microwave drying machine in the drying process, is directly to play a role in chili, and the container itself is not heat, so not only no heat loss, but also can effectively save electricity.

2.The equipment starts and stops immediately

When it need to use, directly open the chili microwave drying machine can be used, no need to preheat in advance and other operations, no thermal inertia, so it is very convenient to use, that is, to start and stop immediately.

3.Stainless steel material, longer service time

Microwave drying machine overall made of stainless steel, compared with other materials for longer use, more durable wear resistance, can fundamentally save costs for manufacturers.

4.Dry quickly

Unlike other drying methods, microwave drying machine is to make the chili itself into a hot object, does not need heat transfer process, so the drying speed is very fast.

5.Energy conservation and efficient

Compared with other drying methods, microwave drying equipment can save more than one third of the energy, the main reason is that it uses the microwave drying method.

Microwave drying equipment for chili

Technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for chili:

Transmission power specification0.55(KW)
Standard of microwave leakage of equipmentWith National Health Standards
Magnetron cooling modeAir cooling
Product usageDrying, sterilization, mildew prevention, etc
After-sales serviceYears warranty
Operating modeContinuous system
Rotational speed1231(r/min)

Differences between chili microwave drying equipment and traditional drying method:

1.Producing efficiency

Most traditional drying methods require manual operation. Compared with machines, manual operation is naturally less efficient. In the production process, there are many uncertain factors for manual operation. However, the microwave drying equipment of chili can on and off instantly, as long as it is started, it can produce dry chili continuously, and the production efficiency is very high.

2.Production cost

There are many factors contributing to the production cost, and it is worth mentioning that the traditional chili drying method not only requires labor, site and other production costs, but also increases the cost due to the waste of raw materials. Manual operation can’t avoid the problem of raw material waste, but the chili microwave drying equipment can completely avoid,  as many chilies come out as you put in.

3.Completeness of chilies

The capsicum dried by chili microwave drying equipment is very complete, which is conducive to subsequent processing or sales. However, the traditional drying method cannot guarantee the integrity of capsicum, and the damage of capsicum will definitely affect the sales profit.

schematic diagram

Principles of microwave drying equipment for chili:

Microwave drying is a new drying method. The microwave generated by microwave drying equipment can directly act on medium molecules to convert into heat energy. Due to its penetrating property, microwave can heat both inside and outside the medium at the same time. It doesn’t need heat conduction, so it heats up very quickly.

Not only is the chili microwave drying equipment widely used, other microwave equipment is also very wide use, such as frozen seafood microwave defrost equipment, mushroom microwave drying equipment, tea microwave drying equipment and so on, these are some very popular devices.

With the continuous expansion of the market demand, the demand for microwave drying equipment of chili will be greater and greater, choose it, will bring us rich profits!